Trolley route + dates

The Riverside Avondale Night Trolley runs the first full weekend of the month, on Friday and Saturday from 6pm until 2am.

The trolley route features stops throughout the neighborhood residential and commercial districts, hitting 5 Points, Park & King, the Shoppes of Avondale, the Brewery District, Stockton & College and the St Johns Village area.

The trolley picks up riders everywhere you see a Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) sign posted in the neighborhood along the below route.

Printed route maps are available at merchants around the neighborhood.

On trolley nights a mobile optimized website will show all the trolley stops and the real time locations of the running trolleys. Learn more here.

Please note that the trolley drivers may take a 10 minute break at the Rosselle and Stockton Street trolley stop. Remember, this is a long night for the drivers as some of them are working from 6pm until 2am! They need bathroom breaks just like the rest of us! They appreciate your patience and kindness during their break period and the downtime also helps keep the trolleys spread out along the route.

FPM 16012 Trolley Flyer 3_Page_2



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