How to ride

Look for the sign

Every JTA stop on the Riverside Avondale Night Trolley route has a sign posted. To find your closest stop, check the trolley route map first. It will tell you which streets the trolley travels. Then look for the stop signs along the route. They are located every few blocks.

How to signal the operator to stop for pick-up

When the vehicle comes into view, stand up and flag the operator to stop.

How to pay

Passengers should be prepared to pay exact cash fare of $1.50 each way (operators do not carry change), or simply tap your STAR card on the reader for payment.  Learn where to purchase your $4 STAR unlimited ride day pass at this link. You can also download the MyJTA App and purchase your tickets through your phone (iTunes, Android)

How to signal the operator you want to get off
As the vehicle nears your stop, signal the operator by pushing on the passenger signal strip located near all windows. This informs the operator you wish to get off at the next stop. If you aren’t sure where to get off, ask the operator to call out your stop. JTA’s operators are very conscientious and will do their best to help. Please exit through the rear doors. This will leave the front area clear for people who are boarding.


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